Enhance the flexibility of your two-way radios with cable accessories designed to improve communication between your devices.

Our assortment of cable accessories is designed to provide audio replacements, two-way dispatch communications and time-saving cloning solutions to meet every connectivity need for Motorola two-way radios.

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Adapter Cable
Model: RKN4097
This is a radio adapter cable with in-line push-to-talk for use with medium-weight head...
Adapter Cable for Control Station
Model: HKN9088
Connects mobile radio to desktop tray for a basic base station configuration. ...
Adapter Cable for NFL-Style Headset
Model: HLN9716D
This adapter cable allows you to use the RMN5047 NFL style single-muff headset. ...
Adapter Cable for Racing Headset
Model: RKN4091A
This is an adapter cable required to use the RMN5015A heavy-duty racing headset. ...
Audio Service Cable
Model: ENKN4003
Vehicular adapters detect the chemistry of a portable battery and select the optimum ch...
Auxiliary Switch Panel
Model: HLN1224
External alarm accessories enable additional switching power when external accessories ...
BPR40 Cloning Cable
Model: PMDN4060_R
This product is a BPR 40 Cloning Cable. ...
Cable for External Speaker
Model: 0185180U01
This product is a Cable for an External Speaker. ...
CDM Series Remote Mount Cable - 3 Meters
Model: RKN4077
This product is a Remote Mount Cable that is Three (3) meters in length. These cab...
Control Head Accessory Cable
Model: HKN6187
This cable provides connections for control head power, speaker, and headset jack. ...
Data Cable for Microphone Port
Model: HKN6183
This is a RS232 data cable for microphone port. ...
DC Hard-Wire Cable
Model: 3080384M21
The Motorola conditioning charger recharges NiCd and NiMH batteries while minimizing ov...
Direct Entry Keypad Cable Adapter
Model: HKN6189
This adapter connects DEK assembly to the rear of the 05 control head. ...
Dual Stack Radio Can Cable
Model: CB000159A01
This is a Dual Stack Radio Can Cable. ...
External Alarm Relay and Cable
Model: GKN6272_R
This product is an External Alarm Relay and Cable. ...
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