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NTN5792 -	XTS Mission Critical Wireless Adapter
Model: NTN5792
This slim, lightweight adapter attaches to any XTS radio accessory connector and enable...
Omni-Directional Microphone
Model: GMMN4065
This is an omni-directional microphone. ...
Push Button with Push-to-Talk
Model: RLN4857B
This is a pushbutton with Push-to-Talk functinality. It can be held or mounted in a veh...
Push-to-Talk Footswitch
Model: GLN7278
Use this footswitch for a convenient hands-free way to push-to talk on the APX two-way ...
Pushbutton Push-to-Talk
Model: RLN5926
Interface with your visor microphone with a remote pushbutton push-to-talk. This push-t...
Quick Disconnect Acoustic Tube Replacement
Model: RLN6242
This quick-disconnect acoustic tube replacement adaptor allows users, especially those ...
Remote Control Head Mobile Accessory Port Connector
Model: HLN6961
This is a MAP connector for 05 control heads (rear connector). ...
Remote Control Head Vehicular Interface Port Connector
Model: HKN6196
This is a VIP connector for 05 control heads. ...
Remote Mount Control Head Trunnion
Model: HKN6186
This is a Remote mount control head trunion bracket is used to mount control head. ...
Replacement Acoustic Tube and Earbud
Model: HKLN4478
This is a replacement transparent tube with rubber earbud for the HKLN4477 or HKLN4487 ...
Replacement Back Cover Clip for Ear Microphone Systems
Model: 4202006A01
Use this clip to attach your CommPort Integrated Microphone/Receiver System to your bod...
Replacement Boom Microphone
Model: RLN6495
There is no description for this product. ...
Replacement Foam Earpad and Windscreen
Model: RLN6283
This product is a replacement foam earpad and windscreen for the following radios: XPR6...
Replacement Foam Plugs
Model: 5080384F72
This product is a 50 count pack of replacement foam plugs. This product has a noise red...
Replacement Foam Plugs
Model: RLN6281
Pack of 25 replacement foam plugs for RLN5887. Noise reduction = 24dB. ...
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