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Boost your Field Workforce Productivity with DispatchPlus

When it comes to managing mobile workers, nothing is more critical than communication. With the DispatchPlus Workforce Management Solution form pdvWireless, it’s easier than ever to connect with field workers and boost productivity. Our cloud-based, work-force management solutions include high-productivity features designed specifically for dispatch-centric operations, running on the only nationwide network dedicated to business. Communicate and collaborate with ease and efficiency…no matter how demanding the environment. 

-All Digital, one-touch group-wide communications

-GPS and GeoFence tools to monitor location-based workers, manage workflow and improve workforce productivity

-One-touch Voice Documentation – Job Start, Job Complete, Arrival and more by pressing a button.  Detailed voice reports can be submitted and shared with Location, Date and Time stamps eliminating the need for a dispatcher

-Color-coded status mapping helps optimize deployment with real-time updates on every worker for increased efficiency

-Web-based dispatch w/Intelligent Queuing™ and “Listened to “ Verification to reduce backlog  and on-hold time

-Compliance with USDOT Distracted Driver regulation


U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT)

Ban on Mobile Phones- Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

The effective date is January 3, 2012.  It does not include two-way or Citizens Band Radio services.

Employer Responsibility

Employers are prohibited from allowing or requiring their drivers to use hand-held mobile phones.

The carrier is responsible for its drivers’ conduct.

Fines and Penalties

Penalties can be up to $2,750 for drivers and up to $11,000 for employers who allow or require drivers to use a hand-held communications device while driving.

How can drivers use a mobile phone and still obey the rules?

Must do all of the following:

1. Locate the mobile phone so it is operable by the driver while restrained by properly adjusted safety belts.

2. Utilize an earpiece or the speaker phone function.

3. Use voice- activated or one-button touch features to initiate, answer, or terminate a call.




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1510 Huber Street
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Phone: 404-875-9316

Fax: 404-609-9521