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Every month, Atlanta Communications will showcase a "product of the month" in order to showcase all of the different products that we have available to help with your communications needs.

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Unifed TEAM Communications - Wave OnCloud

Spend less time configuring and more time communicating!

In today's world most businesses are using cell phones to communicate with their teams. Let's not talk about the billing. Drop calls are the worst when you're outside of your office, in the elevator or on a job site where the coverage is not great.

Imagine a world where you are allowed to use all devices on one system? You can communicate to any team member on any device.  Your employees can use their PC, cell phone, tablet and or laptop as a vehicle; communicating to your two-way radio.

Go beyond the walls of your office, lobby or job site.

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Cell Phones vs. Two-Way Radios - which one is better for my business?

Unified TEAM Communications - Wave OnCloud

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